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Need help figuring out how to get your family out of the city and to your place in the country? Want advice about how to solve the country living income challenge? Looking to set up an ideal country homestead with a garden, independent water and off-grid energy systems?

Country Living University is here for you 24/7. Hundreds of hours of straightforward training (with new training added each month). Plus live coaching calls and access to our members only online private group... if you are craving real advice without the hype, you can trust Country Living University.

What is Country Living University?

Everything you'll ever need to find and set up your ideal country homestead to position your family for the coming crisis. With new training added each month, no one comes close to what Country Living University delivers.

Finding ideal country properties. Setting up your country homestead. Independent water and off-grid power systems. Cutting edge gardening methods. The latest in safe food storage techniques. And so much more.

Plus you have access to our live coaching calls and our members only online private group where ALL your questions are answered and you'll be able to connect with CLU experts and fellow like minded homesteading families.

Here's a quick overview of courses you'll have instant access to...

REAL People. REAL Proof.

No matter where you are in your country living journey... we have something for you. And since we don't believe in tooting our own horn (ok, we do a little bit), so here are REAL members telling you, in their own words, what they enjoy most about Country Living University:

For years my family and I wanted to move to the country, but felt we were getting nowhere fast. When I heard about this program, I knew that having a mentor like Dave Westbrook, someone who had already made the move from the city to the country, would be an invaluable resource to keep us on track to achieve our country living goal. The training has equipped us with the essential information we needed to find the ideal property.  Finally, the online coaching Dave provided was instrumental in encouraging us to move forward with the purchase of our current 23-acre country home, and we couldn’t be happier! Thanks Dave!

Jim G.

When I joined I was a single mother of a young child who knew nothing about country living. This program introduced me to so many valuable topics, that I found myself able to speak intelligently in conversations pertaining to country living, and even impress quite a few men! The information in this program gave me the confidence and the knowledge to move forward with my plans, knowing what to look out for - and what to avoid. It was because I followed Dave's sound advice to "rent before you buy" that I avoided making a mistake in buying a "perfect" property that would have later turned out to trap me in the wrong location. I am tremendously grateful for a practical program that is spiritually based, and comprehensive, to guide me every step of my country living journey!

Wendy W.

Since becoming members we've benefited greatly by the expert advice on everything from the qualities to look for in a country property to gardening to water sources to food storage. The online content and videos are exceptional and packed full of incredibly useful information. But what we've enjoyed most are the coaching calls, which are live Q&A sessions with Dave Westbrook. The opportunity to ask questions relating to any aspect of  country living and receive the encouragement, practical wisdom and trustworthy counsel has been like gold to us. We've also really appreciated the emphasis on spiritual preparation that comes through in the training content and interactions with Dave. We recommend this training program to anyone who desires to experience a country lifestyle, from the family that is just starting to think about moving out into the country to those who may already live in the country but who wish to broaden their skills and deepen their preparedness.

Rob D.

In my search for country property I came across Dave Westbrook's website & loved the great variety of things I could learn about country living.  Each module is on different topics with several sections in each.   I'm  learning about different types of soil for gardening, importance of water purity & pressure, fire safety & wood heat, the importance of establishing income & many other things I'd never thought of as well as new friendships, support through difficult times & spiritual guidance when wanted.  This has truly been a blessing to me & my family.  I was able to weed out several properties I'd looked at by what I've learned & am much better able to spot a good country home that will provide me & my family security & self sufficiency.

Linda E.

There is a wealth of knowledge and experience to be gleaned from this program.  If you are brand new to country living (like many of our friends) and the concept itself is overwhelming – don’t worry!  The training is well laid out in manageable baby steps (which helped one friend avoid a potential disaster) and the information is not intimidating at all.  On the other hand, if you’ve been gardening, constructing outbuildings, and heating with wood for years (like our family) and if you’re wondering whether you will learn much from the training – well, we certainly did.  The courses were comprehensive enough to uncover some blind spots in our skills and preparedness, and they also brought up some important issues we had never even considered.  We have shared some of the tips and tricks we learned with our rural neighbors, which goes a long way toward building trust and developing community.  Thanks for the great program, Dave.

Brian S.

It's About TRUST

daveonmttopTrust really is everything... whether you are investing one dollar or a thousand dollars. We are REAL people. We have hundreds of REAL members.

My name is Dave Westbrook. I moved my family out of the city and started our country living journey in 2000. There have been lots of lessons over the years - not only in our own experience, but as we've helped hundreds of other families as well.

And now, 16 years later, I live off-grid with my wife Laura and daughter Allison on 55 acres surrounded by some of the most beautiful wilderness in northern Idaho. And my passion is helping other families achieve their country lifestyle goals as well.

Come on in... the water is mighty fine.

The Country Living University Pledge

We promise to deliver straightforward training and advice showing you how to find and set up an ideal country homestead and to master the skills you need to position your family for the coming crisis. We promise to treat you just like we treat our own family. And we promise there is no hype. If you don't love Country Living University, don't worry - simply send an email request to cancel and you'll never pay another penny. All of the risk is squarely on our shoulders... where it belongs.